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Jaclyn Hill knows how to buff a move. Our boss Morphe Babe created this custom collection to help you master (and rock) any look.

“I created this brush collection with my subscribers in mind. Whether you’re a natural girl, a working woman, a boy on-the-go, or a lady who owns the night, this collection meets all your needs. I took a lot of time perfecting every brush to create any look! Go on with your bad self and slay, no matter the occasion! I love you!”


1. JH01 – Powder Brush (Synthetic)

2. JH02 – Bronzer Brush (Natural)

3. JH03 – Ride-or-Die Foundation Brush (Synthetic)

4. JH04 – Blush Brush (Synthetic)

5. JH05 – Perfect Contour Brush (Natural)

6. JH06 – My Everything Brush (Natural)

7. JH07 – Under-Eye Powder Brush (Synthetic)

8. JH08 – Anything Creamy Brush (Synthetic)

9. JH09 – Glow Baby Glow Brush (Natural)

10. JH10 – Snatch Your Edges Brush (Synthetic)

11. JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush (Natural)

12. JH31 – Fluffy Blender Brush (Natural)

13. JH32 – Transition Blender Brush (Natural)

14. JH33 – Universal Blender Brush (Natural)

15. JH34 – Carve Your Crease Brush (Natural)

16. JH35 – Upper Crease Brush (Natural)

17. JH36 – Eye Buffer Brush (Natural)

18. JH37 – Buffer Blender Brush (Natural)

19. JH38 – Perfect Pencil Brush (Natural)

20. JH39 – Inner Corner Highlight Brush (Synthetic)

21. JH40 – Precise Blender Brush (Natural)

22. JH41 – All Over Lid Brush (Blend of Natural & Synthetic)

23. JH42 – Brow Bone Highlight Brush (Natural)

24. JH43 – Eyeliner Smudge Brush (Synthetic)

25. Master Case.



JH01 – Powder Brush
“This is my go-to brush for intense full-coverage.”

JH02 – Bronzer Brush
“It’s the perfect shape, so you don’t get too much of a punch when you apply.”

JH03 – Ride-or-Die Foundation Brush
“It’s perfect. It’s dense. It’s synthetic. It packs on an amazing amount of product.”

JH04 – Blush Brush
“Literally the best cheek blush brush of all time. It’s got the perfect angle. It’s really soft and not dense at all, so it’s impossible to apply too much.”

JH05 – Perfect Contour Brush
“You can use it for contour or bronze and it never ever applies too much product. It is like angels on your face.”

JH06 – My Everything Brush
“This is my favorite brush in the entire collection. I love it because I use it for everrrrrrrything on my face.”

JH07 – Under-Eye Powder Brush
“I use this every single day of my life to do my under-eye powder, when I bake, and when I do my contour.”

JH08 – Anything Creamy Brush
“I use it on my under-eye area, I use it for my cream contour, and I also use it for my foundation.”

JH09 – Glow Baby Glow Brush
“The brush that the entire influencer game uses. If you want a sheer highlight, it’s going to give that to you. But a second and a third layer is really going to be like BAM.”

JH10 – Snatch Your Edges Brush
“I use this to get the perfect eyeshadow when doing a cat eye, something super smoky, or something avant-garde and structured. I also use it to snatch the f*** out of my nose.”

JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush
“The best everyday blending blush for all over the lid because it’s so fat, so fluffy, and so soft that you get a really even, sheer wash of color.”

JH31 – Fluffy Blender Brush
“It’s very precise and allows you to get into the areas where you want to apply color. And it does it in a smooth, blendable way.”

JH32 – Transition Blender Brush
“It’s the first brush that I use when I start my makeup. It is my favorite one to initially go into the crease with because it puts down such a beautiful, sheer wash of color.”

JH33 – Universal Blender Brush
“My favorite blending brush of all time. I’ve been in a relationship with this motherf***er for many, many years.”

JH34 – Carve Your Crease Brush
“The name says it all. It’s the perfect brush for getting in there or blending out any cut crease.”

JH35 – Upper Crease Brush
“I use this one a little higher in the upper area of the crease. It delivers the perfect wash of pigment on the eyes.”

JH36 – Eye Buffer Brush
“I always go in with this last-but-not-least brush when I’m done with my entire eye look. It’s the finishing touch to go over the edges of everything and buff color out totally clean.”

JH37 – Buffer Blender Brush
“It really gets in there and buff, buff, buffs.”

JH38 – Perfect Pencil Brush
“Use it to build a soft wash of color under the eye or to buff out your liner, all in a really magical kind of way.”

JH39 – Inner Corner Highlight Brush
“Everyone needs an inner corner highlight, and that’s what this brush is for.”

JH40 – Precise Blender Brush
“If you do anything beyond an everyday, neutral look, you need this brush in your life.”

JH41 – All Over Lid Brush
“The hairs have the perfect amount of stiffness, so you can use it to apply glitter, cream products, powder products—whatever you need. I use it for everything.”

JH42 – Brow Bone Highlight Brush
“I use for my brow bone highlight. I also use it in the center of the lid for a nice spotlight. It’s definitely multi-purpose.”

JH43 – Eyeliner Smudge Brush
“Dip it in some shadow, buff out the lash, and you’re gonna have a good night.


(Brands:- Morphe)


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